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Screw Type, Snap On and Latch Mandrel Non Latex Prophy Cups   Disposable Prophy Angles with Non Latex Prophy Cups
   Pedo Products for the Small Patient
Prophy Cups 
Latex Free, All Varieties
Proven Styles, Quality Materials
  Disposable Prophy Angles
Latex Free, Disposable Angle
with Non Latex Prophy Cups 
ProphEase Disposable Prophy Angles  
Latex Free, Disposable Angle
with Non Latex Prophy Cups 
  Pedo Products
 Non-Latex prophy products for the smaller patients
AllPro Disposable Angle with Brushes  
Disposable Angles with Pointed Polisher   All-Wipe Instrument Cleaner
Disposable Angles
with Brushes 
Non Latex Brush Base with
durable bristles firmly attached     
  ProphEase Disposable Angles with Brushes 
Non Latex Brush Base with
tapered, white nylon brush
Disposable Angle with
Pointed Polisher 

Pointed polisher with the convenience
of a disposable angle   
Removes debris from
dental instruments
AllPro Intrerdental Travel Brushes Metal Base Brushes with Durable Bristles Protect-A-Lens Disposable Patient Eyewear        

Interdental Travel Brushes 
Little Brushes attached to a coated
stainless steel wire 
  Metal Base Brushes
Bristles are firmly attached
to a chrome finish base
Disposable patient eye  
Full line from unwaxed to waxed, flavored or unflavored, traditional or premium

All-Dri Moisture Control Cotton Pads

Moisture control pad   
  replaces cotton rolls      

AllPro has made a commitment to produce quality products at a competitive price.  We have the largest selection of non-latex prophy cups on the market today.  AllPro still takes the time to hand inspect their products to ensure the best value for your dollar. Give our products a try and prove it to yourself.  Please click on an image above if you would like more information about a specific product.

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